The Florida Panthers IceDen HockeyFest Festival will be on May 5th from 11am-3pm

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Panthers Center of Excellence:
Mission Statement

The Panthers Center of Excellence strives to assist student-athletes in reaching their full athletic potential. Our goal is to provide the best possible environment for that process to take place, allowing for optimal physical, mental and athletic development throughout each athletes’ career. We promote a positive training environment that breeds focus and energy, seeking a constant pursuit of excellence from our athletes, while providing them with all the tools necessary for success.

Panthers Center of Excellence is dedicated to building a strong athlete to coach relationship where the athlete can grow and show strong character traits and involve and accept as many diverse populations as possible without discrimination while improving their athletic abilities.

For my staff, P.C.O.E. is dedicated to hiring coaches to develop them with discipline and high expectations. We will do our best to give everyone the chance to succeed and prove themselves as leaders with the athletes. We will give them all a chance to lead and help take charge to assess their abilities further. We believe that continuity and coaching strength comes from time spent together, as well as time spent coaching. Therefore, we hire for the long term and not for the short term.

Panthers Center of Excellence:

What P.C.O.E. strives to achieve is a culture that encompasses compassion, strength, empowerment, community, as well as love. In this world, there is so many opportunities for one group of people to attack another group. At P.C.O.E. a complete culturally conscious approach is exhibited with the staff as well as the athletes that are trained. Any misbehavior or derogatory language will be asked to remove themselves from the premises.

For the employee’s at P.C.O.E. there is a high standard of attention to detail, strong coaching emphasis, and incredulous appetite to seek more in life. Those who have an unwavering positive attitude and take initiative are the coaches and interns P.C.O.E. seeks. The employees are held to a standard that learning and formulating themselves and improving P.C.O.E are very important. Employees are pushed to learn as much as possible, attend as many conferences and lectures as possible, and help with improving P.C.O.E. at all times. This includes the time not on the clock.

Panthers Center of Excellence:

At Panthers Center of Excellence, we envision bringing a strong work ethic to all people who walk through our doors. We want to provide our services to all groups of people, through a major range of sport backgrounds, walks of life, to major club teams and companies that wish to push themselves to the next level. That could range from losing weight, stress relief, improving their health, or athletic performance in high school, travel club, collegiate, and professional alike.

Our facility will set an unbeatable class schedule for its members and provide the incredibly thorough training for the athletes. This can include pre and post training assessments, nutrition consultations, and distance training for those who wish to achieve their physical goals somewhere other than P.C.O.E.

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