New Summer Skate Times Start June 11th, Lunchtime Hockey will resume in August


New Items arrive regularly, so stop in and check out what we've recently added.

Odor Control - sprays, detergent, and equipment treatments.  We will keep you smelling as fresh as your moves.

Stick Wax - We offer 3 varieties - Sex Wax, Howies Stick Wax and Glow Sauce - so you can find the one that works best for you.

Tape - Black, White, Wide-White, Clear, Colored stick-tape, Grip, Colored sock-tape, Friction

Mouthguards - Colors, Flavors, Braces, we've got them all

Jocks - Loose, tight, long or short.  We stock Jills too!

Training tools - Green Biscuit, Smart Hockey Balls & Pucks, Goals, Shooting boards and more!

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