Candy Cane Wonderland- Now through January 6th! See Link below 


Mommy or Daddy & Me Classes are Thursday from 11am-11:45am


Candy Cane Wonderland- Now through January 6th! See Link below 


Mommy or Daddy & Me Classes are Thursday from 11am-11:45am


Panthers Pro Shop- Services and Repairs


  • Skate sharpening while you wait
  • Stick sizing
  • Helmet repair
  • Custom name plates
  • Custom skate fitting
  • Skate Molding
  • Custom CAG ONE skate profiling
  • Skate stretching and boot punching
  • Rivet removal and replacement
  • Assistance with TEAM orders
  • Waterproofing figure skates
  • Blade mounting

Team Services
Have a team but need gear, Incredible Sport Pro Shop could out fit your team from head to toe at the lowest prices in the business. For information about a Team discount contact Matt Redmond at He will discuss the options available along with discounts!!! This includes all Custom Team Orders.

Flat Bottom V Skate Sharpening
The revolutionary new FBV™ (Flat Bottom V™) skate sharpening system from Blackstone® gives you competitive advantages like you've never experienced before. Superior endurance. Greater power. Enhanced agility. Better control. These are just a few of the improvements skaters from recreational leagues to the pros are reporting with this new blade sharpening technique. In fact, research conducted by The International Ice Hockey Research Academy at the University of Ottawa, under the direction of Dr. T. Blaine Hoshizaki, supports the benefits players are noticing: "The results in this study definitely confirm that the Blackstone® innovation is easily perceived and recognized by the subjects as having a performance benefit."

Understanding Traditional Skate Sharpening
Traditional sharpening uses a grinding stone to create a groove or hollow between the edges of the blade. The depth of this hollow determines the performance of the skate and is a matter of individual preference. 

Simply put, the deeper the hollow, the more blade digs into the ice. This creates "bite" but the trade off is that it decreases the ease of your glide. So you basically have to choose between gliding speed and grip.

ProShop-Conventional hollow

FBV: The Best of Both Worlds
FBV™ eliminates the need to choose one benefit over the other, with a breakthrough architecture designed for the perfect blend of speed and agility. The flat bottom shape of the blade allows the skate to glide across the top of the ice rather than cut through it. This reduces drag and helps increase speed. At the same time, the precision edges are ready to dig in and provide precise control on turns and stops.

Pro-Shop-FBV hollow

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